Ben ♥ Gwen
Hello! It's me Gwenjamine, here again to bring news and updates~ I got us a Guestbook!!! XD
So after visiting the site don't forget to add your comments/suggestions in the GB ok?  Though I'm thinking of using the HTML comments box I added in the Fanarts sectio, as a guestbookn.. but It's hard for me to customize... So for now Ill stick with the free guestbook

I also updated the screenshot page, it has screenshots from AF with Ben and Gwen together :D
AF rarely has Bwen moments, I miss the good old times... That's why I prefer the old Ben 10 series I find it more entertaining.

I updated the AMVs page, there are so many bwen videos!!! XD I have only posted two... for now...
I also asked permission from some of the makers, I wonderif they'll reply?

I also asked the help of a Bwenner from deviant art, who's also a member of ABSOlute_Chimera
Chimera is going to provide us some Screenshots for the Bwen screenshot gallery!! :D But well have to wait when chimera is not busy... I hope you'll do well in your exams :D Thank you for your help! n_n

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