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Ben ♥ Gwen
Hello everyone :D
Gwenjamine here, giving news and updates about the site :D

This is actually a blog, but I'm gonna make it a news page instead  since we already have a blog at blogspot :D

Well, the site is still under construction... But the Fan arts section is almost complete, it just needs the Fetaured Fanart. Same goes for the Fanfiction section, it also needs the Featured Fanfic

The forum is working, It's just a small forum, once we're big enough, I might switch to proboards, but that means you have to register again in that forum.

btw, I also got us a pet!!!! Bendolyn the puppy :D Did you see it? It's in the home section :D

We also have a chatbox, you can find it in the blog and forum section. They're both connected. So whatever you type in the chatbox found in the blog, you'll see it in the chatbox found in the forum :D

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