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News/Updates 05/30/2011
Hello! It's me Gwenjamine, here again to bring news and updates~ I got us a Guestbook!!! XD
So after visiting the site don't forget to add your comments/suggestions in the GB ok?  Though I'm thinking of using the HTML comments box I added in the Fanarts sectio, as a guestbookn.. but It's hard for me to customize... So for now Ill stick with the free guestbook

I also updated the screenshot page, it has screenshots from AF with Ben and Gwen together :D
AF rarely has Bwen moments, I miss the good old times... That's why I prefer the old Ben 10 series I find it more entertaining.

I updated the AMVs page, there are so many bwen videos!!! XD I have only posted two... for now...
I also asked permission from some of the makers, I wonderif they'll reply?

I also asked the help of a Bwenner from deviant art, who's also a member of ABSOlute_Chimera
Chimera is going to provide us some Screenshots for the Bwen screenshot gallery!! :D But well have to wait when chimera is not busy... I hope you'll do well in your exams :D Thank you for your help! n_n
Hello everyone :D
Gwenjamine here, giving news and updates about the site :D

This is actually a blog, but I'm gonna make it a news page instead  since we already have a blog at blogspot :D

Well, the site is still under construction... But the Fan arts section is almost complete, it just needs the Fetaured Fanart. Same goes for the Fanfiction section, it also needs the Featured Fanfic

The forum is working, It's just a small forum, once we're big enough, I might switch to proboards, but that means you have to register again in that forum.

btw, I also got us a pet!!!! Bendolyn the puppy :D Did you see it? It's in the home section :D

We also have a chatbox, you can find it in the blog and forum section. They're both connected. So whatever you type in the chatbox found in the blog, you'll see it in the chatbox found in the forum :D

    ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴇ

    I love Ben and Gwen together! Bwenners, help me build a site and forum dedicated to our beloved pairing :D


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